WHO WE ARE LNTSoft is an organization that provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and consultation led services to meet the gap between an B2B and B2C business needs. We use state-of-the-art technology that empowers organizations to reduce operating costs, secure and increase revenue and drive profitable growth...
16:18 18/11/2019
Organizations are able to use best business practices and generate insightful and analytical financial reports that highlight process inefficiencies and support operational and strategic decision-making.
We have provide solutions for organization in highly competitive industries in various of the world, who have experienced its real benefits by reducing costs, realizing greater profitability , improving process and services standards, and increasing both staff and customer satisfaction.   


To become a Global Business Application Software Development Company with Latest Cutting-Edge Solution



To be one of the greatest innovator, developer and provider of value to our clients by delivering a comprehensive range of features and a paractical implementation to meet their business needs at the lowest total cost of ownership


Our team:

Our team consists of both business and technology experts who work in harmony to deliver solutions that are powerful instruments of value to organizations, leveraging advanced technology with strong business practices to fuel the long road ahead of any organization. Our business team is highly experienced and proficient in the key industries that we support and come with a background of strong knowledge, and qualifications.

Our technology team is a power-packed unit of masters in specific areas of technological expertise. They create cutting-edge solutions which harness the power of tomorrow’s technology for today.








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